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"She was a Godsend"
I hired Attorney Lindmark after months of dealing with other, incompetent counsel.  She was a Godsend, and saved my life.  After 23 months in ICE custody, a Removal Order and an Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals, she won my case and my freedom.  Because of her hard work and dedication, I am happy to say I am now home with my family.
- Jose Da Silva: Termination of Removal Proceedings

"I am so grateful to have found her"
I was detained for 23 months by Immigration before my family hired Attorney Lindmark.... She did everything she could to get me home to my family.  She won an appeal, she had two criminal convictions reversed, she had my removal proceedings terminated.  She is the best attorney, and I am so grateful to have found her.  She cared, and made it so my family could be reunited again.
- Antonio Fernandes: Termination of Removal Proceedings

"She worked hard and kept me informed"
Attorney Lindmark is amazing!.... I had been claiming my innocence from more than six years ago. She worked hard and kept me informed.  After overturning my conviction, she continued working zealously to expedite my release from prison.  As day is to night, so was her effort and professionalism.
- Roland Fils: Appeal Granted, conviction reversed

"I wouldn't want any other lawyer"
You can't go wrong with Attorney Lindmark  She is smart, she's beautiful and she knows how to win cases.  She's also very reliable.  I wouldn't want any other lawyer representing me.
- Paul Tlasek: Appeal Granted, conviction reversed

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